Dirty Girl

I'm not clean. I am a tarnished book. Scratched outside and in. Needing love. And care. And repair. And saving from myself. Like a baby about to pay a dog. I need to be helped. I need to be told whether that dog is a cute fluffy happy dog or an angry viscous beast.


Chinese - 97% (hahaha although side note I have done those same fucking words and sentence structure pages 3 times over now so ffs of course I got this mark) (a 7/7)

English - 75% (a 6/7)

History - 73% (5)

Maths - 69% (no IB grade given ofc because the teacher is leaving and she's only a filler)

Psychology - 80% (6, and 3rd highest in the class I think)

Biology - 53% (I think... it was a 5 anyways)


Love you later fam.